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How Do I Get a Bigger Penis With Quick and Easy Penis Enlargement Exercises?

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How do I get a larger penis? I want do something that is safe, quick and simple without having to use pills, devices or any sort of surgery.


There have been many successful studies performed to-date that indicate the value of using penis enlargement exercises (also known as ‘male enhancement exercises’) in helping to increase penis size. Aside from a larger penis (in terms of length and girth), male enlargement exercises grant bounty of other benefits, including:

harder (firmer) erectionslonger-lasting erectionsgreater semen productiongreater control over your orgasmsmore intense orgasms

If you are interested in taking advantage of the benefits of penis enlargement exercises, you can easily start a program today by doing a few, simple exercises daily.

Here’s what you need to do:

STEP 1: Every night, do a session of Jelqing before bed

This is the process of ‘milking the penis’. Imagine milking a cow by taking your thumb and index finger around the cow’s udder in diplomacy to squeeze out the milk. You take the finger formation, squeeze and direct tension around and down the udder so as to spray out the milk. In the same fashion, you can ‘milk’ your penis when it is semi-erect so as to force (or, steep) volumes of blood into the soft tissue (corpora cavernosa) that constructs the shaft of your penis. In doing so, you will help promote the growth of increased vascularity, which is vital for achieving all the benefits listed above. To start a session, warm up your genitals with a warm, wet towel. You want the area to become soft and excessively warmed up initially. Then, you can start the stroking action with the finger formation. Use both hands so as to keep the motion going continuously. Always make sure you are using a lubricant and that your penis remains semi-erect the entire time. Aim to do on mean 250 strokes daily to as many as 500. Work up to this; you should not feel any pain or pressure. You will start to see benefits as soon as a month after starting, with daily practice, but usually people see results after three months.

STEP 2: Perform Kegel exercises

These are exercises that will help strengthen the muscles in your pelvic floor (known as the pubococcygeus muscles). These muscles help you to have stronger erections as well as multiple climaxes, as they help delay ejaculation, thus allowing a few orgasms to occur before the final one occurs with ejaculation. You can do these exercises at any time… Simply contract and expand the muscles of your pelvic floor. You will feel your anus squeezing and relaxing as you do this; that is how you’ll know if you are doing it correctly. Do this daily for a few minutes each day. Or, do it as many times per day as you like. These are muscles you’ll be working (not soft tissue), as such they will strengthen similarly to how other muscles in your body strengthen: with exposure to exercise and time.

STEP 3: Exercise & Diet

If you incorporate diet & exercise into this routine (especially cardiovascular exercise), you will help improve vascularity and blood flow in your entire body and therefore, blood flow to the penis will also improve. This is one of the best and simplest ways to improve penis function. Moreover, a reduction in waist size does help to increase penis length. Bounty of men can attest to this.

Try it!

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